All About Ruth Gordon Amphitheatre

The Ruth Gordon Amphitheater was almost lost, but a group of Quincy residents got together to save it and put together a summer’s worth of free events and entertainment! This is their story….

Here’s a Schedule of the Summer Lineup of Entertainment at the Ruth Gordon Amphitheater

All About Wendy Adams Fine Art Photography

The All About Quincy Podcast is All About showcasing the small businesses here in Quincy. In this episode John chats with Quincy Native, Wendy Adams and her journey to become a Professional Photographer and her photography business.

Photography is Wendy’s passion, it always has been. From the time she finally received the camera she begged my parents for, there was no turning back.

Wendy earned her B.F.A degree in Photography, right here in Boston. She uses her knowledge and training in photography to bring you amazing images, capturing special moments in time.  Art you will treasure for years and years to come.

Wendy’s Contact Info:

Phone: 617-657-9050

Web: Wendy Adams Fine Art Photography

All About Spring Fest in Quincy

Quincy has a number of events lined up for the spring of 2023. We interviewed Quincy’s Event Planner John McDonald, Jr. about all the activities planned for this year’s Spring Fest!

Here Are The Details!

Here is The Schedule of Performances